A variety of juries and guests who will be invited to TIFF(Tokyo International Film Festival) and Kyoto HISTORICA International Film Festival (KHIFF) will serve lecturers. from 2018, we have presented Biennale College Cinema feature films and Biennale College Cinema – VR projects; Biennale College Cinema is a program realized by La Biennale di Venezia to train new filmmakers, in microbudget productions. Participants can learn how to present an application at the call Biennale College Cinema too. Also, a theatrical sword fight workshop will be scheduled in collaboration with Toei TSURUGI KAI. We hope to foster the development of talented filmmakers by inspiring young participants in the workshop. Now we are arranging the plans and we make some online programs for the participants who lives out of Japan. This year, the participants who lives out of Japan will be able to participate in online programs only.