Hands-on “JIDAIGEKI”

■Toei Team
Position Name Country Field of Work
Director Yuxi Li China Film Director
Cinematographer Victor Elijah Gador Philippines Freelance Filmmaker
Assistant Director Danial Rifki Indonesia Writer, Director
Assistant Director Paul Young Japan/USA FIlm Director
Sound Recordist,
Boom operator
Subhash Maskara India Director of Photography
Script Supervisor Masako Nishi Japan Producer
Art Director Iulia Puica Japan Film Director
Electrics, Grips Masashi Fujita Japan CM Director
Production Manager Prateek Srivastava India Writer, Director, Editor, Producer
Production Manager Yuka Nakamura Japan Creative Producer, Director, Story Creator
■Shochiku Team
Position Name Country Field of Work
Director Shiladitya Bora India Film Production, Distribution, Direction
Cinematographer Ezequiel Salinas Argentin Cinematographer and Camera Operator
Cinematographer Maria Francesca Lee Philippines Cinematographer
Assistant Director Cilin Deng China Film Producing
Assistant Director Michelle Kee Canada Visual Effects
Electrics, Grips Ion Donica Romania Freelance cinematographer
Sound Recordist,
Boom operator
Yuichiro Nakada Japan Freelance Filmmaker
Production Manager Takuya Misawa Japan Freelance Filmmaker
Production Manager Hitoshi Matsumoto Japan Business Man
Production Manager Jamie Kassler USA Filmmaker
<MASTERS Session>
Name Country Field of Work
Ray Figueroa USA Director- screenwriter
Raynier Brizuela Philippines Film, Cable Network, Education
Annisa Adjam Indonesia Producer, Director
Nuttakorn Trivittayakorn Thailand Episode Director for Animation
Kezia Eales South Africa Production design/ art director
Adrianna Wojtkowiak Poland scriptwriter
Mediha Didem Türemen Turkey Artist, Production Designer, Art Director, Actress, Photographer
Shee Heng Kuek Malaysia Producer, International Distributor
Aniruddh India Music Composer
ELAHE NASSR IRAN Screenwriting
MIHO HIGASHI Le Gal Japan Song writer, Production Manager
Hiroshi Kasuga Australia Film Producer, Film Fest judge/a member of committee, SVOD distributor and Actor
Randy Zhang China Graduate Student
Atsushi Sakahara Japan Film Director, Writer
Nao Tase Japan freelance
Mari Miyamoto Japan Producer, Workshop Facilitator, Performer
Yoshimasa Azuma Japan Manga Artist
LORNA BAYANI Philippines Broadcast Media, Film
Zune Kwok Hong Kong SAR Film Director

Applicants from all over the world

Total number of applicants (2009-2019): 1733 creators from 110 countries/areas.
The number of applicants in 2019:334
New countries/areas:Brunei、Bahrain、Cyprus、Dominica、Trinidad and Tobago
51 from India
34 from Nepal
30 from Philippines
21 from China
13 from Thai
12 from Japan
11 from Indonesia
10 from Taiwan
10 from Pakistan
6 from Bangladesh
6 from Hong Kong
5 from Singapore
5 from Vietnam
4 from Malaysia
2 from Iran
2 from Brunei
1 from Afghanistan
1 from Armenia
1 from Israel
1 from Korea1
1 from Sri Lanka
1 from Turky
1 from Bahrain
1 from Bhutan
3 from South Africa
1 from Egypt
1 from Kenia
8 from Spain
7 from Lithuania
5 from England
5 from Poland
4 from Italy
3 from Ukraina
3 from Germany
3 from Bulgaria
2 from Czech
2 from Norway
2 from Hungary
2 from Macedonia
1 from Ireland
1 from Austria
1 from Netherlands
1 from Cyprus
1 from Croatia
1 from France
1 from Belgium
1 from Portugal
1 from Rumania
1 from Russia
Noth America and Central America:17
15 from USA
1 from Canada
1 from Mexico
South America:16
5 from Argentine
3 from Brazil
2 from Chile
2 from Dominica
1 from Ecuador
1 from Guatemala
1 from Puerto Rico
1 from Trinidad and Tobago
2 from Australia
Dual Nationality:8
1 from Canada/England
1 from Canada/Taiwan
1 from Chile/Spain
1 from Japan/USA
1 from Philippines/USA
1 from Brazil/Italy
1 from Poland/USA
1 from Mozambique/Portugal