Hands-on “JIDAIGEKI”

■Toei Team
Position Name Country Field of Work
Director Tushar Tawade India Entertainment / Advertisement / Films
DP/Camera operator Amy Hartman USA Film and Television Writing and Directingy
Assistant Director LING JUN China Teacher of digital media
Assistant Director Takeya Aso/朝生武弥 Japan Director
Assistant Art Director Keiya Ando/ 安藤恵哉 Japan Film Director
Electrics/Grips Dean Sung Taiwan Production Staff
Electrics/Grips Masanori Numata/
Japan Directing / Script Writing / Media Content Management as a Certified Specialist
Sound Recordist/Boom Hok Lun Cyrus Tang Hong Kong Sound Designer
Production Manager Dorian Stone USA Online Video
Production Manager Anh Le Vietnam Film Directing, Scriptwriting
■Shochiku Team
Position Name Country Field of Work
Director Carmen Jimenez-Fernandezs Spain Film writing and directing
DP/Camera operator ARAVINDAN  G P India Cinematographer/Director
Assistant Director Flavio Gusmao Brasil Cinematography
Assistant Director SUNQI SHUN China Director, Artist
Electrics/Grips Shungo Nakatani/
Japan Cinematography,
Production Manager
Assistant Art Director Pamela Velazquez Mexico Director, Screenwriter
Production Manager Shinya Okada/
Japan Office Worker
Production Manager Massimo Burhanuddin Indonesia Producer
Sound Recordist/Boom Nelson Yeo Singapore Filmmaker
Electrics/Grips Hikaru Tsukuda/
Japan Office Worker
<MASTERS Session>
Name Country Field of Work
Rahat Rahman Bangladesh Director, Editor
Fatrick Tabada Filipino Film
Aye Myat Mon Myanmar Filmmaker
Satindar Singh Bedi Indian Film Direction and Screenplay Writing
Nugroho Siswantoro Indonesian Film Directing
Chikako Suzuki United States Art Director for TV & Film
Danial Rifki Indonesia Film Director & Scenario Writer
hiroshi mori American CGI Previsualization for
feature films
Risa Higashide Japan Graphic Designer
Akiyoshi Kiba Japan Indipendent Business
Sei Sugiura Japan Fleerance Filmmaker
Norimasa Jimbo Japan Film Director
Yoshino Takemoto Japan Screen writer/Editer/Director
Bruce Chen Taiwan/USA Visual Effects, Screenwriter, Filmmaker
Keita Hara Japan Actor
Asuka Okuda Japan Actor
Yutaka Izumihara Japan Actor
Rino Oikawa Japan Actor

Applicants from all over the world

Total number of applicants (2009-2017): 1186 creators from 100 countries/areas.
The number of applicants in 2017: 210
New countries/areas:Azerbaidzhan、Georgia、Mongol、Kenia、Latvia
32 from Nepal
22 from India
19 from Philippines
18 from Japan
9 from Indonesia
6 from Thai
5 from China
5 from Pakistan
5 from Taiwan
4 from Singapore
4 from Vietnam
3 from Sri Lanka
2 from Bangladesh
2 from Myanmar
1 from Azerbaidzhan
1 from Georgia
1 from Israel
1 from Korea
1 from Malaysia
1 from Mongol
1 from Turky
2 from Tanzania
2 from Uganda
1 from Egypt
1 from Kenya
1 from Kosovo
1 from Lesotho
3 from Germany
3 from Poland
2 from Croatia
2 from Norway
2 from Spain
2 from Sweden
1 from Austria
1 from England
1 from Bulgaria
1 from Czech
1 from France
1 from Italy
1 from Latvia
1 from Lithuania
1 from Portugal
1 from Rumania
1 from Slovenia
1 from Russia
Noth America and Central America:24
16 from USA
3 from Canada
5 from Mexico
South America:5
2 from Brazil
2 from Columbia
1 from Perú
4 from Australia