The applicants must read our guidelines and 1) Entry your profile, 2) Submit your work sample THROUGH OUR ONLINE FORM before the dead line.
Participants will be selected by juries of film producers and specialists of film industry in Japan.


1. Online Entry (profile)

Entry form is in our official website.
Please fill out entry form fully and correctly.
※Are you an eligible person? Please read “ELIGIBILITY” before you apply.

2. Receive email from KFL

Kyoto Filmmakers Lab will send you a REGISTRATION NUMBER and Work Sample Submitting Form URL for your work sample by e-mail.

3. Upload your work sample to Video Sharing Site or File Transfer Services

※We recommend Vimeo.
※Please be sure to be able to be downloaded your work sample.
※The volume must be less than 700MB and type of data must be Mpeg4.
※Please make the work sample viewable until December 31st.

4. Submitting a Work Sample through Our Online Form

Please send us your URL and more information of your work sample through our Work Sample Submitting Form after you receive your registration number.


Kyoto Filmmakers Lab will send email invitations to successful applicants at the end of December (TBD).


Each online application form will be available from October 18th to December 17th, 2023.
※Applicants must submit profile by December 17th, 2023 at 23:59 JST through our form.


*To all those who are considering applying*
Successful applicants will be asked to sign a pledge prepared by KFL. Please understand that those who cannot sign the pledge will not be able to participate in KFL workshop.
[Main content: not to claim any costs other than accommodation and travel expenses supported by KFL (e.g. VISA issuance costs, ticket, meals, any cancellation fees, the costs of being quarantined or if you are entered in illegally, medical costs and costs for voluntary inspection, etc.). In the case of infection with COVID-19, promptly follow the instructions of KFL. Obey the rules of immigration etc.] The formal content of our pledge will be provided only successful applicants.
See below for the government’s measures related to the COVID-19.

Japanese Border Measures
(Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
*The above is for your reference. Please check the latest information by yourself from time to time.

The application is only available our official online form NOT private email.  Entry Form
You need two steps for application. If you don’t submit your work sample, the application will be invalid.
You can send each entry form to KFL only once.
Please fill out the application form fully and correctly in English or Japanese. Especially don’t miss your e-mail address.
KEEP our limit of number of characters/letters.*In case of exceeding the limit of number for characters/letters, it may be disadvantageous at the selection.
We will send you a registration number and Work Sample Submitting Form URL for your work sample by e-mail after we have received your profile entry. If you plan to entry with hotmail address, it will happen to not to receive our automatic mail reply from our office. Therefore applicants who have another email address, we reccommend to use another one(*but it can’t use the cell phone address). If you plan to entry with hotmail address, please tell us the situation after your entry.
※ Please set your PC or mobiles to be able to receive our e-mail from
Please upload your work sample on the video sharing site or transfer service. Send us the URL, password, registration number, name, email address and information about the contents through our Work Sample Submitting Form. ※ We recommend Vimeo.
If you are not selected in choose Hands-on JIDAIGEKI, you can automatically proceed to the selection of Masters Session. Therefore you don’t need to separately apply to Masters Session after you apply to Hands on JIDAIGEKI.


You have professional experience in the film, videogame or animation industries, OR you have made a short film, OR You are a film school/program graduate or graduate student.
We accept applicants of any nationality.
English communication ability is preferable.
We do NOT accept team/group applications.
You must be able to attend all 6 days of the program, from January 26th to 31st, 2024.
Those who have attended “Hands-on JIDAIGEKI” in the past are not eligible to apply. (If you have experience of only participating in Masters Session in the past, you can apply to Hands-on JIDAIGEKI.)
Actors and Actresses can’t apply to Hands on JIDAIGEKI. You can only apply to Masters Session this year.
※ Masters Session is the lecture program in Kyoto Filmmakers Lab. Please check the details on our website.


Your work sample must have been completed after January 1, 2019.
Your work sample must be either a short film or an abridged version of your work, less than THREE MINUTES in length and in English or with English subtitles. (We will NOT accept any work samples longer than THREE MINUTES.)
The volume of your work sample must be less than 700MB.
The file format of your work sample must be Mpeg4.
The work sample needs English subtitles if it is not in Japanese.
Please be sure to be able to be downloaded your work sample when you upload to the video sharing site.
After you complete entry your profile and obtain your registration number and Work Sample Submitting Form URL for work sample from KFL office, you must submit your work sample with URL, password, registration number, name, email address, title and your role through our online application form.
Applicants are only allowed ONE work sample per entry.
We don’t determine any themes or styles. You can submit anything that you think is worth showing. If you submit digest version of your past works, you need to clear to each title and your role in your work sample.
Please make the work sample viewable until December 31st.
We don’t accept any application by team/group
Your work sample also needs to submit until December 17th, 23:59 JST through our form.
We don’t accept any files of work sample or profile through email.
The work sample should be submitted by Work Sample Submitting Form but if you worried about security or have some reasons, you can send DVD. Please contact us before you send DVD because of the regulations.
Replacement or Resubmitting is not allowed.


Kyoto Filmmakers Lab will send email invitations to successful applicants at the end of December.
Participants need to arrange your own accommodation and transportation. Partial accommodation expenses (Max JPY 7,000 yen /day) will be provided to participants during the KFL program. However, this will not be provided to Kyoto residents, those who can commute from home, or those staying at a friend’s or relative’s house. The accommodation subsidy will be given in exchange for a receipt on the last day.
Partial travel expenses(JPY 60,000 yen) will be provided to participants who lives outside Japan. However, this will be paid during the KFL program period. NO transfers will be made in advance for any reason.
Participation fee is free, but participants need to pay for your own transportation or meals and etc, during KFL.
Teams and roles will be informed when you are accepted. Please note that you may not be assigned to the role of your choice and we will not be able to answer any questions regarding the screening process, such as the reasons for acceptance or rejection.
After submitting your application, an auto-reply email will be sent to you for a receipt. After that, you need to wait for the results. We will send the results to all applicants by email. Please understand that we will not be able to respond to any further submissions by email or enquiries about the progress of your entry or when the results will be announced after you have submitted your application.
All participants are required to sign the pledge prepared by KFL office. If you are unable to sign, you will not be allowed to participate. The contents of the pledge will only be given to successful applicants.
Please note that it is the responsibility of the individual to apply for a VISA for your visit to Japan. Our office does not provide VISA acquisition services.


The work sample copyright belongs to each applicant.
We do NOT take responsibility for a work sample without copyright management.
Participants hereby agree that his/her photographs and data may be published on our website and in the reports of Kyoto Filmmakers Lab.
Participants also agree that his/her profile submitted to Kyoto Filmmakers Lab will be published on our websites as a catalog for alumni.
Participants agree that his/her work sample submitted to Kyoto Filmmakers Lab may be shown publicly at Kyoto Filmmakers Lab.
To avoid any doubt, this agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Japan.


We place the highest priority on the safety of participants and staff. We will take measures in accordance with various guidelines in holding KFL programs.

Motion Picture Producers Association of Japan, Inc. (It provides in Japanese only)

Japanese Association of Museums (It provides in Japanese only)


The Kyoto Filmmakers Lab respects each person’s right to privacy. We do NOT sell or distribute personal information or your work sample for commercial purposes. Your application data and your work sample will be treated confidentially. Only the staff of Kyoto Filmmakers Lab has access to your application data.


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