Thank you for your long waiting. We have decided to hold Kyoto Filmmakers Lab 2023 in this winter.
Our purpose is sharing diversity and making network for young filmmakers. In the 16-year history of Kyoto Filmmakers Lab, a total of 463 participants from 51 countries, selected from2,038 applicants from 113 countries, have experienced KFL workshops and collaborate with each other in Kyoto.
During the KFL program, we will be holding workshops in cooperation with the relevant authorities and in accordance with various guidelines and infection prevention measures. We sincerely welcome your applications.
We hope that this program will be a meaningful opportunity for aspiring filmmakers in this ever-changing visual arts world. We welcome to accept your application until December 17th.
Thank you for your understanding and for being interested in our project.

Kyoto Filmmakers Lab 2023 Program Team