Hands-on “JIDAIGEKI”

■Toei Team
Position Name Country Field of Work
Director Matthew Gentile United States Film Directing
Assistant Director Kenji Nakashima Japan Film Directing
Assistant Director Hiroki Kataoka Japan Free lance Filmmaker
Production Manager Thim Kian Cheng Malaysia Filmmaker
Electrics/Grips Tomohiro Ogishi Japan Free lance Filmmaker
Electrics/Grips Shuhei Settsu Japan Film Director
Sound Recordist/
Boom Operator
Rodney Ndong-Eyogo Luxembourg/Gabon Musician
Art Director Hannah Espia Philippines Director/Editor
■Shochiku Team
Position Name Country Field of Work
Director Patiparn Boontarig Thailand Film Director
Assistant Director Koichiro Kuriki Japan Filmmaker
Assistant Director Jim Ballard Japan/United Kingdom Video Producer/
Production Manager
Production Manager Denis Cordier Japan/France Film & Video production and distribution
Production Manager Akie Yano Philippines/Japan Filmmaking/Film and Video Production
DP/Camera operator Mark Paul Limbaga Philippines Film and Video Productions
Electrics/Grips Grace Simbulan Philippines Filmmaker
Sound Recordist/
Boom Operator
Ken Yoshizumi Japan Student
Art Director Victor Villanueva Philippines Director/Marketing and creative consultant
<MASTERS Session>
Name Country Field of Work
Chen-Chieh Hsu Taiwan Director/Writer/Producer
Davi de Oliveira Pinheiro Brazil Director/Screenwriter/Producer
Manu Bogad Japan/Austlia Directing/Editing
Takeaki Yamashita Japan Freelance
Marc Menish Japan/United States Professor of Film
Yuki Tsuruoka Japan Direction/Production
Toshimi Ono Japan Writer
Minami Nakatsuka Japan Part time worker
Michelle Kim Canada Director/Writer/Actor
Susan Xu China/United States Feature Film Development
Jason Lau United States Film
Kyle McCloskey Japan/United States Freelance Filmmaker/English Teacher
Christopher McCarthy Japan/United States Environmental Science/
Documentary Film
Nic Wassell United Kingdom Director/Editor
Yukari Morishita Japan Photographer/VJ/Objet production
Andrej Farba Slovakia Director/Producer/Editor
Anish Dedhia India Filmmaker
Aurélien Lainé Korea/France Film Production/Screenwriting

Applicants from all over the world

Total number of applicants (2009-2015): 725 creators from 91 countries/areas.
The number of applicants in 2015: 140
New countries/areas: New countries/areas: Gabon, Tanzania, Albania, Croatia, Scotland, Luxemburg
15 from India
2 from Iran
4 from Indonesia
21 from Japan
1 from Japan /Hawaii
3 from Malaysia
10 from Nepal
1 from Pakistan
9 from Philippines
2 from Singapore
1 from Taiwan
2 from Thailand
2 from Vietnam
1 from Gabon
1 from Tanzania
1 from Albania
2 from Bulgaria
1 from Czech Republic/ Japan
3 from England
4 from France
1 from Holland
1 from Hungary
1 from Italy
1 from Lithuania
1 from Luxemburg/ France
9 from Poland
1 from Croatia
2 from Romania
1 from Romania/ Canada
1 from Russia
1 from Scotland
2 from Serbia
1 from Slovakia
2 from Slovenia
1 from Slovenia/ Germany
2 from Spain
1 from Sweden
1 from Switzerland/ Portugal/ Cabo Verde
North America:15
2 from Canada
12 from U.S.A
1 from U.S.A/ Mexico
South and Central America:7
1 from Argentina
1 from Brazil
1 from Chile
1 from Columbia
2 from Mexico
1 from Peru
1 from Australia
1 from New Zealand