Hands-on “JIDAIGEKI”

■Toei Team
Position Name Country Field of Work
Director Ray Figueroa Puerto Rico,Guatemala/
Puerto Rico
Assistant Director Disspong Sampattavanich Thailand Film Production
Assistant Director Yohey Cogi Japan Director/Cinematographer
Production Manager Takeshi Yagi Japan Director/
Director of special effects
DP/Camera operator Luz Orlando Brennan Argentina Director/Scriptwriter
Script Writer/Editor Harutaka Kondo Japan Director
Art Director Neringa Baciuskaite Lithuania Art Director
Electrics/Grips David Blair Japan/Austraria Video Specialist
Sound Recordist/Boom Shun Oi Japan Student
■Shochiku Team
Position Name Country Field of Work
Director Ridhesh Sejpal India Director/Producer
Assistant Director Asger Lindgaad Denmark Director
Production Manager Dora Nedeczky Hungary Producer
DP/Camera operator Miguel Larraya Spain Tv and Film Director
Script Supervisor Felipe Nicolas Rodriguez Martinez Cuba/Chile Director/Scriptwriter
Art Director Arshad Mahmood United Kingdom Writer/Director
Electrics/Grips Mikiya Sanada Japan Director and actor
Electrics/Grips Kanji Matsuura Japan Filmmaker
Sound Recordist/Boom Yuya Makino Japan Director

Applicants from all over the world

Total number of applicants (2009-2013): 438 creators from 77 countries/areas.
The number of applicants in 2013: 100
New countries/areas: Rwanda, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Venezuela
3 from China
5 from India
1 from Indonesia
1 from Iran
2 from Israel
13 from Japan
1 from Lebanon
2 from Nepal
2 from Pakistan
5 from Philippines
3 from Taiwan
3 from Thailand
1 from Turkey
2 from Vietnam
1 from Nigeria
1 from Rwanda
1 from South Africa
2 from Zimbabwe
2 from Austria
1 from Bosnia and Herzegovina
2 from Bulgaria
3 from Czech Republic
1 from Denmark
5 from England
3 from France
1 from Germany
3 from Hungary
1 from Italy
3 from Lithuania
1 from Norway
1 from Russia
1 from Serbia
2 from Slovakia
1 from Slovenia
1 from Spain
North America:13
3 from Canada
10 from U.S.A
South and Central America:5
1 from Chile
1 from Venezuela
3 from Argentina
1 from Australia