Hands-on “JIDAIGEKI”

■Toei Team
Position Name Country Field of Work
Director Osei-Kuffour Emmanuel United States/Singapore Film director/Producer
First assistant director Kiyoshi Kurahara Japan Movie director/Producer/CEO
Production Manager Maya Kanehara United States/Japan Producer
Camera Operator Rui Yao China Director/Screen writer/Cinematographer/Editor/
Composer/Sound designer
Script supervisor (script reader)/Editor Yuki Orikasa Japan Director
Art director Aaron Yamasato United States Filmmaker
Composer Kenji Oh USA/Japan Music
Electrics/Grips Christopher (Makoto) Yogi United States Director/Editor
Electrics/Grips Yuki Jungesblut Germany Film director/Producer
■Shochiku Team
Position Name Country Field of Work
Director Nathan Kitada United States Director/writer/
Creator Lab Lead (Americas), YouTube
First assistant director Pascal Trottier Canada Screen writer
Second assistant director Fumie Nishikawa Japan Film director/Editor
Production Manager Shunsuke Teshima Japan Film director
Script supervisor (script reader)/Editor Yuichi Tamura Japan Director/Editor
Camera Operator Gerard Elmore United States Commercial director
Art director Raphael Thibault France Cinema and video art
Electrics/Grips Andrew (ENDIKA) Currier United States Composer
Electrics/Grips Tsuyoshi Ishihara Japan Cinematographer/Director/Editor

Applicants from all over the world

The number of applicants: 32
2 from China
13 from Japan
3 from Philippines
1 from Singapore
2 from France
1 from Germany
North America:9
7 from U.S.A.
2 from Canada
South and Central America:1
1 from Brazil